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The following donors have given generously to Black River Falls Area Foundation Funds

2013/2014 DONATIONS


  • BRF Area Foundation General Fund:
    Jim Kaphengst
    Jay & Katherine Severance
    Western Technical College Students
    Katherine Wold Estate
    Jim Kaphengst
    Retiree Jim Kapengst used a 'pay for work' matching funds program from his former employer
    to earn a donation to the Foundation for his hours of providing community service.

  • The BRF Area Foundation General Fund, the BRF Education Enrichment Fund and the BRF Alumni Scholarship Fund received several donations in 2013 in memory of our passing friends:

    Robert Onstad
    Alton Bernhardt
    Vern Severson
    Cathryn Rykken
    Shirley Peterson Burge
    Garth Wensel
    John Radke
    Mike Anderson
    Dr. John Noble
    Susan Akin Hoonsbeen
    Thor Rykken
    Theresa Hyde
    Alice Homstad
    Phyllis Hetland
    Maxine Wilcox
    Jeanette Pederson


  • Dougherty Family Fund
    Carol Dougherty

  • Grace Webb Fund
    Jane E. Lokken
    Cindy Sandberg

  • Alma Center Area Community Fund
    Mary Jane Cleary
    Dennis & Barb Hardwick (In Memory of Alice Homstad)

  • BRF-Education Enrichment – Music
    Jelinek Trucking, Inc.
    Richard & Kathy Camlek

  • BRF-Education Enrichment - M.C. Schmallenburg
    Al & Jeanette Lahmayer
    Mary Hansen
    Gail Anderson Bohac
    Thomas & Judith Harkner

  • Foundation Trail M&I Fund
    Debora L.& K. Norman Johnson

  • Hoffman Aquatic Park Maintenance Fund
    David & Marilyn Hoffman

  • Erwin & Thelma Memorial Homstad Fund
    Gil & Alice Homstad
    Jon & Maureen Homstad

  • Gil & Alice Homstad Fund
    Gil Homstad (Alice Homstad Memorial Donations)

  • Jackson County Bank Donor Advised Fund
    Jackson County Bank

  • Mike & Mona Anderson Memorial Fund
    In Memory of Mike Anderson
    Gil Homstad
    Jim & Annette Dickman
    Susan & Larry Gaede
    Suzanne Walls
    David & Sandra Pistorius

  • Mills Park M&I Fund
    Ann Peterson
    John & Nancy Howard
    Mary Alice Howard
    Linda Mills

  • Rotary Donor Advised Fund
    BRF Rotary Club
    Roger & Thelma Wiste
    John W. & Jane M. Norgaard

  • Skyline - Golf Course Fund
    Fred & Mary Stai (In Memory of Alice Homstad)



  • James, Jr. & Anna Klir Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Rose Ann Klir

  • Krohn Clinic Physicians Memorial Scholarship Fund
    In memory of Dr. John Noble
    Rosemary Noble (Dr. John Noble Memorials)
    Mary Hansen
    Jo Ann Dougherty
    Robert J. Cynthia S. Hansen
    Dr. Richard and Joanne Holder
    John C. & Karen L. Tilley
    Krohn Clinic (In memory of Sara Huston Dugene (Dr. Mike Mahan’s mother)

  • Philip & Aldena Meyer Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Clyde M. & Katherine M. Smith
    Marlene A. Meyer
    Mary J. Goens
    Dave & Luane Meyer

  • Rick Millis Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Bill & Bev Millis
    Mike Millis
    Kathy & Jim Powell
    Kari & Todd Pearson
    David & Dena Millis
    Steven & Sue Millis
    Dan & Cheryl Millis
    Paul & Tracy Millis

  • Dean Nortman Memorial Scholarship
    Jena Jorstad
    Margaret A. Mattson
    Ray Ransom In memory of Ron Nortman
    Nancy A. Mattson In memory of Ron Nortman
    Mary Perry Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
    Mary Perry

  • Dustin Rozmenoski Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Harold D. & Donna L. Frett

2012/2013 DONATIONS

  • Alma Center Area Community Fund
    Mary Jane Cleary and Kevin Cronin
    Don Forsting
    Dennis and Barb Hardwick
    John and Peg Hayden
    Ralph and Theresa Sobota
    Hoyt and Jeanine Strandberg

  • Mona Anderson Memorial Fund
    Michael Anderson

  • Black River Falls Area Foundation General Fund
    Kevin G. Brunner and co-workers (In memory of Sally Peterson)
    Daniel and Lynne Dosch (In memory of Agnes Potter)
    Richard Gardipee (In memory of Vern Severson)
    John & Carolyn Hogden (In memory of Vern Severson)
    Richard and Joanne Holder (In memory of Vern Severson)
    Jim Kaphengst
    Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer
    Max & Sue Michaelson (In memory of Vern Severson)
    James Potter (In memory of Agnes Potter)
    Jay & Katherine Severance
    Rosalee Wheat (In memory of Agnes Potter)
    Wipfli LLP (In memory of Agnes Potter)

  • Black River Falls Public Library
    City of Black River Falls Public Library

  • Foundation Trail Maintenance Fund
    Fred and Ann Becker (In memory of Margaret Parlow)
    Hoffman Construction Company
    Roma Jones (In memory of Margaret Parlow)
    Lou & Nyla Musser (In memory of Margaret Parlow)
    Tuesday Club
    Mary Lou Young

  • Erwin and Thelma Homstad Memorial Fund
    Gil and Alice Homstad
    Jon and Maureen Homstad

  • Richard E. Millis Memorial Fund
    Bill and Bev Millis
    David and Dena Millis
    Paul and Tracy Millis

  • Mills Park Maintenance Fund
    Ann Peterson
    John and Nancy Howard

  • Rotary Club Donor Advised Fund
    David & Marilyn Hoffman
    Gil & Alice Homstad
    Jackson County Bank
    Roger and Thelma Wiste

  • Skyline Golf Course Fund
    Gil & Alice Homstad (In memory of Rollie Jenni)

  • Grace Webb Memorial Fund
    John and Jane Lokken

  • Black River Falls Alumni Scholarship Fund
    Duane and Darlene Bowen
    BRF Class of 1952
    David R. Hagen

  • James Jr. and Anna Klir Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Rose Ann Klir

  • Philip and Aldena Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Dave and Luane Meyer
    Marlene A. Meyer
    Clyde M. and Katherine M. Smith
    Dean Nortman Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Jena Jorstad

  • Lt. Terry Preston Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Jackson County Professional Police Association

  • Rotary/Lions Scholarship Fund
    Black River Falls Lion’s Club
    Black River Falls Rotary Club

  • Dustin Rozmenoski Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Harold D. and Donna L. Frett

  • Kristin Wood Fine Arts Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Vicki Amundson