Founded in 1986, the Black River Falls Area Foundation is one of more than 550 community foundations in the nation and part of an exciting philanthropic movement that began in 1914. 

The concept of a community foundation is simple: a means to build a substantial amount of money over time from contributions and a means to use the income from these funds to meet the community’s charitable needs now and into the future.

Community foundations play a significant role in their communities. As public charities under the law, they offer their donors maximum tax advantages. They also share common traits:

  • A mission to enrich the quality of life in the community they serve;
  • A focus on developing a permanent charitable endowment to benefit their communities’ changing needs;
  • An independent, local governing body that is knowledgeable about, and representative of, the community;
  • A resource of philanthropic services for donors with varied charitable interests and varied amounts and kinds of gifts; and
  • An accountability to the public and an openness to its broad participation in the foundation.

Our Latest Projects

The following Foundation managed Funds are currently running fund raising drives.

The 2014 Skyline Legacy Fund raising drive has been a huge success to date.   Thank to all who have generously contributed.

The Alma Center Area Community Fund (Fund) was established in 2008 to provide opportunities for charitable giving to enhance the quality of life in Alma Center and the immediate surrounding area. The Fund is in the process of a donation drive with an initial goal of $100,000. Once that goal is met, grants will be mae from the fund to non-profit groups and organizations requesting financial support for projects aimed at benefitting the Alma Center area. As of 11.15.14 they are over halfway to that goal! (Photo submitted by Barbara Hardwick) 

Established in 2006 the BRF Education Enrichment Fund uses donations and earnings to purchase goods and/or services that will enrich the educational and extracurricular experiences of students within the Black River Falls School District.